A Plan for Pandemic Response

Coronavirus has demonstrated the life and death circumstances related to critical shortages of essential medical items. The U.S. dependence on foreign drug supply has intensified ongoing drug shortages, and questions remain over the safety of the drugs we are able to procure. Pandemic-driven drug shortages due to supply chain disruption are ongoing and may intensify as the number of people hospitalized and  in critical care increases.


Ramp up production of starting materials to enable U.S. manufacturers to produce critical API, eliminating their reliance on foreign governments. ODP will manufacture AMPoD units capable of producing metric tons of starting materials on demand. This technology will rapidly make a number of starting materials from domestically sourced raw chemicals to support domestic API production.

Build the next generation PoDs to produce API in kilogram quantities and develop novel capabilities for formulating tablets and injectables in various dosagesThe flexibility and rapid reconfigurability of these next generation PoDs will enable end-to-end continuous manufacturing of medicines.

ODP will fully develop an enduring distributed network capable of medication manufacturing that is 100% ‘Made in America’ from start to finish. PoD will be the keystone technology in the creation of a domestic network that is resilient, flexible, and fully independent of a foreign country for any step in the process. In the future, we envision PoD n pharmacies, fire stations, and hospitals throughout the U.S.