On Demand Pharmaceuticals (ODP) is an innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing company creating new reconfigurable medicine production systems that enable rapid response when conditions are uncertain and changing.

Our mission is to provide an adequate, safe, and reliable supply of medicines to every community across the world.

ODP is led by an experienced team of chemical engineers, materials science experts, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and organic chemists.




PoD Today

The size of a household refrigerator, PoD can make starting materials, API and medicines into a finished product of a pill or liquid. PoD has produced 16 critical medicines of national interest in 1,000s of doses. The current machine produces one medicine per machine.

Next 2 Years

A flexible PoD, capable of making multiple APIs and medicines in various dosages and forms utilizing state-of-the art continuous manufacturing, 3D printing and other technologies with a smaller footprint and a ‘green’ process.


A distributed network of ‘Made in America’ PoDs providing life-saving medicines within walking distance of every American. The PoD network guarantees a secure supply of medicines to address pandemics, natural disasters, and biological or chemical warfare.


ODP’s breakthrough technology is the Pharmacy on Demand (PoD) machine – a miniaturized manufacturing unit the size of a household refrigerator that features proprietary micro-reactors and continuous flow synthetic chemical processes to make active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and final formulated medicines. PoD can make a medicine from American-made chemical inputs to a finished product of a pill or liquid, resulting in complete medicine self-reliance. A key advantage of PoD machines is their flexibility. They can be reconfigured from one type of API to another in just a few hours. PoD’s ‘on-demand’ versatility can produce low volume orphan drugs at the fraction of the cost. Importantly, PoD’s advanced in-process monitoring system ensures superior quality control through on-line, real-time, “every” dose monitoring. Pharmacy on Demand features proprietary micro-reactors and continuous flow synthetic chemical processes to make API and final formulated medicines.


The American Made Precursors on Demand (AMPoD) machine uses a proprietary programming approach to convert U.S. sourced feedstocks into drug starting materials. AMPoD is designed to quickly and efficiently produce starting precursor materials for a specific API, and can easily and quickly transition to different starting precursor materials for different APIs. PoD uses the AMPoD-produced starting precursor material, and turns it into API and then into the final formulation, e.g. pill. AMPoD can rapidly make any number of starting precursor materials from domestically sourced raw chemicals for the production of API.


The Federal Medicines Manufacturing Network (FM2N)

On Demand Pharmaceuticals is working towards establishing the Federal Medicine Manufacturing Network (FM2N) – a fully ‘Made in America’ manufacturing capability that will mitigate drug shortages during both peacetime and crisis, create new, high-paying U.S. jobs, reduce U.S. dependence on foreign manufacturers, and advance the U.S.’s innovation prowess.

The FM2N will become an historic U.S. strategic asset that changes how medicines are sourced, manufactured and distributed. By developing and formulating APIs “on demand” ODP will one day be able to bypass pills and go with more effective formulation capabilities, including various dosage sizes and form factors (such as 3-D printed gel strips and new ways to inject medicines).

A distributed network of PoD machines across America would provide a secure, safe, and reliable supply chain of drugs to anyone, anywhere, anytime, improving our readiness to address biomedical threats, while reducing our dependence on foreign governments. The PoD network solves the ‘final mile’ problem of supply chain disruption in times of crisis. 

PoD System Making Medication

A Plan for Pandemic Response

Coronavirus has demonstrated the life and death circumstances related to critical shortages of essential medical items. The U.S. dependence on foreign drug supply has intensified ongoing drug shortages, and questions remain over the safety of the drugs we are able to procure. Pandemic-driven drug shortages due to supply chain disruption are ongoing and may intensify as the number of people hospitalized and  in critical care increases.


Ramp up production of starting materials to enable U.S. manufacturers to produce critical API, eliminating their reliance on foreign governments. ODP will manufacture AMPoD units capable of producing metric tons of starting materials on demand. This technology will rapidly make a number of starting materials from domestically sourced raw chemicals to support domestic API production.

Build the next generation PoDs to produce API in kilogram quantities and develop novel capabilities for formulating tablets and injectables in various dosagesThe flexibility and rapid reconfigurability of these next generation PoDs will enable end-to-end continuous manufacturing of medicines.

ODP will fully develop an enduring distributed network capable of medication manufacturing that is 100% ‘Made in America’ from start to finish. PoD will be the keystone technology in the creation of a domestic network that is resilient, flexible, and fully independent of a foreign country for any step in the process. In the future, we envision PoD n pharmacies, fire stations, and hospitals throughout the U.S.