On a Mission

On Demand Pharmaceuticals is an innovative technology company transforming how medicines are made so they can be produced on demand—whenever and wherever medicines are needed.

Our breakthrough manufacturing technology platform, the Pharmacy on Demand (PoD), allows medicines to be made in small machines instead of a factory. Using a modular approach, the PoD can be quickly customized to produce anything from key starting materials, to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and final formulated drugs.

With this technology, we’re on a mission to provide an adequate, safe, and reliable supply of medicines to every community across the world.

Our Story: The Genesis of Innovation in Crisis

In 2003, Dr. Geoff Ling, co-founder of On Demand Pharmaceuticals, faced a critical challenge in Afghanistan: urgent medicinal needs with limited supplies. A particular incident with a soldier suffering from dysautonomia highlighted the stark need for readily available medications. This predicament led Dr. Ling to an innovative idea: an automated chemistry set capable of producing essential drugs from basic materials like carbon, sulfur, and hydrogen. Returning to the U.S., he presented this concept to DARPA. With their backing and the expertise of a dedicated team at MIT, the Pharmacy on Demand (PoD) was developed. Together with David Steinberg, the Executive Chairman, they established On Demand Pharmaceuticals with a mission of delivering medicine to anyone, anywhere, anytime.