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Jim Hancock

Chief Executive Officer

RDML USN (r) Jim Hancock, MD, was formerly the Medical Officer of the Marine Corps and The Medical Corps Chief, former CEO of Camp Lejeune Hospital and COO of Tidewater Market. Dr. Hancock retired as The Medical Officer of the Marine Corps after a forty-year career in the Navy. Dr. Hancock has led the Navy’s largest and most complex medical centers, ultimately serving as the Corps Chief for the whole of Navy medicine worldwide with more than 4300 physicians across all specialties serving in 19 medical centers, two hospital ships and over 30 Navy medical commands and ambulatory care clinics.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in engineering in 1990 from the United States Naval Academy and his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1995 from Uniform Services University of Health Sciences. Dr. Hancock is credited with developing multiple modern combat medical platforms and holds patents in the development of medical devices that have helped to optimize trauma care on the battlefield. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart medal.