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Naomi Briggs

VP of Research

Dr. Briggs was part of the team that developed the initial Pharmacy on Demand (PoD) platform at MIT, and is now the purification lead, directing both process and equipment optimization activities. Dr. Briggs has worked on a majority of the APIs in the On Demand Pharmaceuticals portfolio. She has industrial pharmaceutical expertise with former roles in a cGMP pharmaceutical analysis lab and as a Lead Engineer at Alkermes Inc., where she led process development and technology transfer activities to large scale manufacturing sites in addition to supporting documentation for an NDA filing.  Dr. Briggs worked on the purification and formulation for PoD modules as a senior postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the guidance of Prof A. Meyerson. She was involved with operation and purification activities of the second purification PoD prototype module working on several APIs at that time. She transitioned to the primary process engineer and enabled the design and build of the generation three prototype of the purification module and led in purification process development activities of additional APIs. Dr. Briggs earned a MSc in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry and a PhD in continuous crystallization design for polymorph control during pilot scale operations from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.